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BEAST Concert in Berlin☆

Look at my concert review! :D Or whatever it is...

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Anyway, I LOVED it. I really did. And when they would come back I would go again. Only BIG BANG is left now and then my KPop concerts in Germany will come to an end, except DBSK would reunite again and would come here. >D Beast, BIG BANG and DBSK. The perfect 3 ones. ♥

And I wanted to apologize cause I didn't write since december last year, omg, I'M SO SORRY. I see that many of you leave LJ in a way and go to tumblr or blogspot. Just wanted to say this won't happen, it's just that I have really no time to make anything. I work till 5pm and when I come home I just scroll through my friends site and tumblr, cause I want to spend time with my honeh. :/ I'm really sorry. I try to write more, okay?

So, baibai! ♥
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Meme - Stolen from kanrakuen

Again. Slowly but surely I feel kind of bad to steal nearly every meme from you. XD"


Meme: The origin of my username

1) Make an entry with the filled out form
2) Have your f-list describe in the comments how they pronounce your username, what they originally thought it said/meant

Don't have any form so here we go! :D

☆ tarantye-no:

Basically said it's "my" name. I never felt so attached to a name except this. There was a time... long long ago, where I found a band named Panic Channel through Quad (anyone remember her?) and started to follow them on yaplog. They had that Bassist named Tara (WOHO, SURPRISE!) and his blog name was "tarantye-no". There's my name. But in the beginnig it was not because of the name but because of him. I wanted something that relates me/my nick with him and so I chose "tarantye-no" for my new lj as well as for nearly every site I registered myself, Animexx included. My names there were "ManaChan" (only a few can remember. I also remember, that Kai had some problems when I changed my name from Mana to Tara and I went to a convention with him. One half called me Mana and the other one Tara. XD"), "-Mana-" and "ManaDoll", till I get my "tarantye-no" back in.. pfff... 2005?
Almost 5 years are gone now but I still have the same name I would never change it. I grew up with this name, I have memories with it, good and bad, but it doesn't matter. Even when Tara changed his blog name, it remained. It's "my" name now, the "perfect" name. And that's where I got my nickname "Tara". Not because of him (maybe in the beginning of my Panic Channel time). And I so got used to it I barely listen to any other name, even at home. *laugh*
It doesn't have any special meaning in the spelling but a lot more meaning for me. :)
Seems like I get sick, something I can't need right now. >_>; Holidays will begin soon and I'm really grateful for it, I neeed a great break from everything. I just wanna lay down and close my eyes without having fear that something bad comes up again. And I just wish that this year will end soon. Too much bad and sad things happened this year, no, not just my shit. In general. North Korea vs. South Korea, the death of ex-Kagerou Daisuke, the "demise" of Kagrra,, the activity pause of Panic Channel and the pause of D'espairs Ray. Also the nearly "disbanding" of Dong bang shin ki. Let's see what the new year will bring...
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